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iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!


iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!

Reacting to the iPhone 13 lineup and everything new announced today.

That pillow!

0:00 Intro
0:52 New $329 iPad
1:39 The iPad mini Refresh
3:09 Apple Watch Series 7
5:27 The iPhone 13 Lineup
5:52 The displays + ProMotion!
7:15 The new iPhone cameras
10:42 The new specs/prices

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iPhone 13 event in 15 minutes

Apple just wrapped up its California Streaming event, giving us our first look at the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, announced with cinematic mode; iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max with high refresh rate 120Hz displays; iPad with the A13 Bionic chip; and Apple Watch Series 7's brand-new look. Here’s everything from the event in 15 minutes.

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00:00 - Intro
00:08 - iPad
01:38 - iPad Mini
04:18 - Apple Watch Series 7
06:48 - iPhone 13
10:36 - iPhone 13 Pro

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The Leaks were Wrong?! - Apple iPhone 13 Event Breakdown

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Today's episode is a full-breakdown of everything announced at the 2021 Fall Apple event. This includes the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple Also announced the Apple Watch Series 7 and 2 new iPad Models!

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Apple's iPhone 13 event in under 10 minutes

All the biggest announcements from today's show.
Video source: Apple

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Apple iPhone 13 event highlights in under 13 minutes (supercut)

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max full preview:

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max:

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro:

iPhone 13 series battery life revealed:

iPhone 13 mini full preview:

New iPad mini:

00:00 iPhone 13
01:31 A15 Bionic
2:10 iPhone 13 Camera
02:53 Cinematic mode
03:35 iPhone 13 and 13 mini Overview
03:49 iPhone 13 5G
04:14 iPhone 13 and 13 mini battery life
04:32 iPhone 13 Overview
04:49 iPhone 13 Price
05:05 iPhone 13 Pro Design
05:57 iPhone 13 Pro Performance
06:16 iPhone 13 Pro Display
07:11 iPhone 13 Pro Camera
10:00 iPhone 13 Pro Battery
10:18 iPhone 13 Pro Overview
10:38 iPhone 13 Pro Price
11:19 End
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iPhone 13 - What Went Wrong?

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Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max today - but they ALSO showed off the new Apple Watch Series 7, 6th gen iPad Mini, and 9th gen iPad. Probably to distract from the iPhone 13 lineup (sorry).

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0:00 Intro
0:55 The iPhone 13 lineup + prices
1:59 Design + basic features
3:27 'New' Cameras, photo/video features
5:20 Extra iPhone 13 Pro features
6:47 Apple Watch Series 7
7:10 New iPads!

iPhone 13 // iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!

Hi friends. The Apple iPhone 13 is finally here and its absolutely incredible!
The iphone 13 series is the latest flagship line from Apple and its insane! With some big improvements across the board the iphone 13 is the new iphone we all wanted to see. In todays video we cover the specs, design, and looks...

Final iPhone 13 September Event Leaks & Predictions!,
Apple iPhone 13 - Here It Is!,
iPhone 13 - FINAL Leaks & Rumors!,
Apple Event September 14 2021
California streaming
iPhone 13 Pro Max & Apple Watch Series 7 LIVE
The iPhone 13 Models!
Apple iPhone 13 - Here It Is!,
Apple iPhone 13 - IT'S ALL HERE!,
iPhone 13 Trailer — Apple,
iPhone 13 Pro Max Early Look,
iPhone 13 Pro Trailer — Apple,
Meet iPhone 12 — Apple,


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iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!

Reacting to the iPhone 13 lineup and everything new announced today.
thanks for watching....

iPhone 13 Event Reaction : Everything New!

iPhone 13 Event Reaction : Everything New!

Iphone 13 Event Reaction: What's New

Reacting to the iPhone 13 lineup and everything new announced today.

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iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New! | Phola Reacts

iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New! | Phola Reacts

Original video:

Reacting to the iPhone 13 lineup and everything new announced today.

iphone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!


EP. 1074 - iPhone 13 event REACTION. WHAT HAPPENED!?
My Apple Watch leak was WRONG.
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Apple iPhone 13 Event Livestream Reaction (LIVE)

Here are my thoughts and live reactions to the September 14th Apple Event where we'll see the iPhone 13, Apple Watch and much more.

Event Stream to Watch Along:

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#iphone13 #appleevent #applewatch

iPhone 13 Event Reactions: Everything New! #iphone13 #iphone13events


Iphone 13 Pro Event reaction Everything New!|iphone 13 pro unboxing

Iphone 13 Pro Event reaction EverytingNew!|iPhone 13 pro unboxing

In these video i will show you iphone 13 pro event
Reaction Everything

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Apple Watch Series 7

iPad mini


Reactions to iPhone 13/13 Pro, Apple Watch Series 7 & New iPad mini! - Event Recap

It's my reactions to Apple's iPhone 13 Event that brought us the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro lineup, a surprise with the all-new iPad mini, and the Apple Watch Series 7 that doesn’t make a significant step forward. There will be Apple’s thrown out!

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#iphone13 #ipadmini #applewatchseries7

What I noticed from the iPhone 13 event

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With September brings a harvest of new iPhones to explore. Apple’s “California Streaming” teased the new updates for both iPhones and iPads, so let’s recap what Apple shared.

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0:00 - The Apple Event is here!
0:26 - iPhone 13
4:00 - Sponsor - Cleanshot!
4:29 - iPad mini
6:09 - Apple watch 7
7:30 - Apple TV content
8:25 - Outro

Apple iPhone 13 Event Reaction…

Our Thoughts on the Apple iPhone 13 Event...

You've probably already seen Apple's recent announcement event for their new iPhone 13 and other new releases. But what does Noah think about this recent announcement? Stay tuned to find out.

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???? iPhone 13 and Apple event reaction | Let's talk what's new at ????

???? iPhone 13 and Apple event | Let's talk about what's new at ???? // The new Apple event streamed on Tuesday and what was exciting and do we care? Are we interested in any of it or is the time of Apple over?

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