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my HONEST review of A Level SOCIOLOGY


5 Reasons Why you SHOULDN'T study Sociology | Sociology at University of Bath #BelongAtBath

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Have you ever heard someone say Sociology is unemployable! or Sociology is an easy subject!?

Well, if you have, you're in the right place! This video is #2 in the series Pros & Cons of Studying Sociology.

I'll debunk some myths and help you make the right decision FOR YOURSELF.

Check out video #1 in the series Why You SHOULD Study Sociology here:

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Hey! I’m Joelle and welcome to my channel.
This is where I show you all about student life and the University of Bath (where I’m studying).
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my HONEST review of A Level SOCIOLOGY

like the video yesterday, I want to give an honest review of each of the subjects I studied at A-Level, this video is sociology :) Hope it helps you find clarity on if you've chosen the right subject!

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A Level Sociology - My Experience | Jess Louise

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Sociology A Level at Reigate College

Find out more about studying Sociology A Level at Reigate College.


A Level Sociology - My Experience - Year 12

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How to get an A in A Level Sociology

hey peopleeeee!!! hope you all staying blessed ❤️❤️

this is going to be the last of my sixth form videos for a little while as I have some new ventures that I want to explore on my channel (ie my experience at university).

I received my A-Level grades last week and obtained an A so in the light of that thought that I would give you guys my advice on how to achieve the top grades in sociology xx this was also a highly requested video so hopefully this does help you guys xx

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0:44 - explanation of what sociology is all about
2:03 - tip 1- staying on top of your revision
3:46 - tip 2 - putting key thinkers and concepts into categories to help assist essay plans
4:57 - tip 3 - essay plans (probably the most important thing)
7:29 - tip 4 - practice essays - I forgot to mention this but some good website to find past papers are:
- revisionworld
- the exam board websites
9:24 - using current affairs to apply to your work to add current evaluation

I have also been receiving a lot of support recently and wanted to mention that this does not go unnoticed xx I pray that God will bless you all ❤️

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MY A LEVEL EXPERIENCE SO FAR law, media, psych,sociology


I'm currently on holiday in France so I may not be active but I hope you enjoy and find this video helpful! When I'm back there will be a vlog from my holiday which I'm super excitted to film and edit!! So much love x x x x

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A Level Sociology Course Overview Presentation

A Level Sociology

Revise With Me: A Levels (Psych, Sociology + English lit/lang- Ciara Martin

Hi I'm Ciara!

I also forgot to mention that i'm on AQA for sociology and Psychology and OCR for english, congrats if you made it all he way through lol


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A Level Sociology

An information video about A Level Sociology


A levels sociology media

A Level Sociology

First Semester Done! My Experience Studying BA Psychology & Sociology at Brighton University - Tips

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What A levels do you need to study Sociology at University? | Sociology at University of Bath

Hey hey! I decided to try a different format to this video and use my *profesh* microphone and no background music as some of you have said it's distracting. So, hopefully this is helpful for you in deciding what A levels you should take to study Sociology.


Sociology Bsc at University of Bath:

Hii! I'm Joelle, host of this channel. I talk all about productivity, life as a Sociology student and the Uni of Bath.

Where do you study? University of Bath
What year are you in? Final year, studying Sociology
Do you think Sociology is worth it? HECK YES. Watch my What is Studying Sociology REALLY like? (linked below) to learn more.

Hope you stick around!

What is Studying Sociology REALLY Like:
5 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Study Sociology:
How To Write a Sociology Essay:
How I use Notion to Plan my ENTIRE Dissertation:


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The Truth about BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care and SOCIOLOGY ALEVEL( watch this )

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Is Social Work REALLY for you? Let’s be VERY HONEST! + common misconceptions about the field

You may be wondering, what type of characteristics and personalities thrive best in the field of social work? In this video, I break it all the way down! I also share common misconceptions about what people assume to be common traits of social workers, so you don't feel bogged down by those. These are my thoughts based on my experience being in the field for the past 8 years and seeing whats traits helped myself and colleagues to succeed in Social Work. Please leave any questions or comments below! :)

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How I revise: A level Sociology AQA (notetaking techniques, flashcards and apps)

How I revise: A level sociology AQA with notetaking techniques, flashcards and the different apps I use!

In this video I tell you how I make notes in my notebooks (notetaking techniques), flashcards, active recall and flipped learning techniques that have helped me learn.

00:00 Start of the video
00:27 What Exam Board do I use?
00:34 What do you do in each paper?
01:25 What is the A2 Exam like?
01:37 Tip #1 - Knowledge Organisers
04:06 Tip #2 - Flashcards
06:14 Tip #3 - Active Recall
07:08 Tip #4 - Seneca Learning
10:20 What do I write with? Where do I make my notes?
11:33 Examples of my notes

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A Level Sociology

This is a brief overview of the A Level Sociology course at Carmel College delivered by Head of Department, Andrea Mathews. The video provides information for students looking to apply for September 2021.



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