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noc18-bt26 Lec 27-Chomosomal & genetics disorders, inbreeding


noc18-bt26 Lec 25-Preliminaries & Introduction to genetics


noc18-bt26 Lec 26-Population genetics


noc18-bt26 Lec 29-reintroduction and outbreeding


noc18-bt26 lec 30-Fundamentals


noc18-bt26-Lecture 10-Behavioural monitoring

Behavioural monitoring

noc18-bt26 Lec 28-Population viability analysis

noc18-bt26 Lecture 40-Revision-III

noc18-bt26 Lec 18-Preliminares

In this lecture, we explore the meaning of restraint, the four kinds of restraints, and some field situations requiring restraint. These are followed by some key points to note when administering restraint to wild animals.

noc18-bt26 Lecture 38-Revision-I

noc18-bt26 Lecture 37-Crisis and Learning-- The Sariska case-study


noc18-bt26 Lecture 39-Revision-II

noc18-bt26-Lecture 06-Basics of Sampling

Basics of Sampling

noc18-bt26 Lec 27-Chomosomal & genetics disorders, inbreeding

noc18-bt26 Lec 22-Care of immobilised animal

noc18-bt26 Lec 19-Mechanical capture

In this lecture, we explore some mechanical ways of capturing wild animals including pitfall traps, traps with trip devices, cages, squeeze cages, rope nooses, etc.

noc18-bt26 Lecture 36-Oil Spills

Genetics: Why is inbreeding a biological issue?

noc18-bt26 Lecture 03-Economics Valuation of Biodiversity

Economic valuation; Use value (Direct, Indirect, Optional) and nonuse value (Existance, Altruistic, Bequest).
Methods of economic valuation.

Complete Inbreeding Review (BI 107)

Overview of approaching calculations in regards to complete inbreeding.

Note about my lectures: This is NOT a replacement for your personal studying, lecture attendance, or textbook reading. My videos are only meant to be a supplementary guide and act as a companion to everything else. Please also visit or email your professor or tutor/LA/TF for any further questions on material or logistics.


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Inbreeding in Boas- Is it a Problem?

Inbreeding is one of the most controversial and misunderstood topics in boa constrictor breeding, leading to many questions. What are the potential negative consequences of inbreeding boas, and why do they occur? What can be done to mitigate the effects of inbreeding? And does inbreeding always lead to negative outcomes? Brian from Brian Boas provides answers to these questions.



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