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noc18-hs31-Lecture 20-Poststructuralism: Michel Foucault


noc18-hs31-Lecture 16-Structuralism:Ferdinand de Saussure


noc18-hs31-Lecture 10-New Criticism


noc18-hs31 lecture 35-Conclusion


noc18-hs31-Lecture 12-Dialogism (I)


Post-Structuralism Literary Theory: Crash Course for UGC NET English

Poststructuralism may be one of the trickiest lines of theory you'll encounter during your NTA UGC NET English Preparation. Deconstruction and poststructuralism are commonly associated with the rise of theory in North American lit departments in the 1970s and '80s. Post-structuralism, a movement in philosophy and sociology at the end of the twentieth century in France, is very difficult to summarize or to give a definition for it. That is because the authors have relatively different views and they broadly rejected the affiliation to a particular group. Watch this video to know all about Post Structuralism & how it is different from other theories.

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noc18-hs31-Lecture 20-Poststructuralism: Michel Foucault

noc18-hs31-Lecture 19-Poststructuralism:Jacques Derrida

noc18-hs31-Lecture 18-Bridging Structuralism and Poststructuralism: Roland Barthes

noc18-hs31-Lecture 21-Marxist Literary (I): Marx and Brecht

noc18-hs31-Lecture 17-Structuralism: Claude Levi-Strauss


Poststructuralism: Michel Foucault: Lecture-20

Subject: Literature
Course: Introduction to Literary Theory

noc18-hs31 Lecture 33-Postcolonial Theory I:Edward Said

noc18-hs31-Lecture 26-Literature and Psychoanalysis: Sigmund Freud (III)

noc18-hs31-Lecture 22-Marxist Literary Theory (II): Althusser and Gramsci

Poststructuralism III: Michel Foucault: Lecture 20

Subject: Literature
Course: Introduction to Literary Theory

Michel Foucault for Beginners: Post Structuralism

What is discourse? What is poststructuralism? How is Michel Foucalt part of poststructuralism? How is knowledge developed, stored, understood and transmitted? Is our idea of an object impartial? Watch this video to get all the answers.

10 Poststructuralism

This podcastlecture explores the role of poststructuralist thinking in the discipline of International Relations

Michel Foucault// Key Concepts fully explained// Critical Theory


New Criticism, Post Structuralism, Feminism

Lecture 03 - Colonial Discourse Analysis: Michel Foucault



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