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trick 2 cranial nerves


trick 2 cranial nerves


Easy tricks​ to remember the cranial nerves

Cranial nerves are the nerves that emerge directly from the brain (including the brainstem). In contrast, spinal nerves emerge from segments of the spinal cord. Cranial nerves relay information between the brain and parts of the body, primarily to and from regions of the head and neck.

Cranial Nerve Anatomy and Terminology

Spinal nerves emerge sequentially from the spinal cord with the spinal nerve closest to the head (C1) emerging in the space above the first cervical vertebra. The cranial nerves emerge from the central nervous system above this level.

Each cranial nerve is paired and is present on both sides. The numbering of the cranial nerves is based on the order in which they emerge from the brain, front to back (brainstem).

The terminal nerves, olfactory nerves (I) and optic nerves (II) emerge from the cerebrum or forebrain, and the remaining ten pairs arise from the brainstem, which is the lower part of the brain. The cranial nerves are considered components of the peripheral nervous system.

However, on a structural level, the olfactory, optic, and terminal nerves are more accurately considered part of the central nervous system.

The olfactory nerve (I): This is instrumental for the sense of smell, it is one of the few nerves that are capable of regeneration.The optic nerve (II): This nerve carries visual information from the retina of the eye to the brain.The oculomotor nerve (III): This controls most of the eye’s movements, the constriction of the pupil, and maintains an open eyelid.The trochlear nerve (IV): A motor nerve that innervates the superior oblique muscle of the eye, which controls rotational movement.The trigeminal nerve (V): This is responsible for sensation and motor function in the face and mouth.The abducens nerve (VI): A motor nerve that innervates the lateral rectus muscle of the eye, which controls lateral movement.The facial nerve (VII): This controls the muscles of facial expression, and functions in the conveyance of taste sensations from the anterior two-thirds of the tongue and oral cavity.The vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII): This is responsible for transmitting sound and equilibrium (balance) information from the inner ear to the brain.The glossopharyngeal nerve (IX): This nerve receives sensory information from the tonsils, the pharynx, the middle ear, and the rest of the tongue.The vagus nerve (X): This is responsible for many tasks, including heart rate, gastrointestinal peristalsis, sweating, and muscle movements in the mouth, including speech and keeping the larynx open for breathing.The spinal accessory (XI): This nerve controls specific muscles of the shoulder and neck.The hypoglossal nerve (XII): This nerve controls the tongue movements of speech, food manipulation, and swallowing #1 on trending

Trick to Remember the Cranial Nerves

The superior oblique DEPRESSES (and abducts and internally rotates) the eye. Use the upward motion to remember that it's the SUPERIOR oblique.

I. Olfactory
II. Optic
III. Occulomotor
IV. Trochlear
V. TriGeminal
VI. Abducent
VII. Facial
VIII. Vestibulocochlear (Accoustic)
IX. Glossopharyngeal
X. Vagus
XI. Accessory
XII. Hypoglossal

How to Remember the Cranial Nerves (Mnemonic) - MEDZCOOL

This video will easily help you remember the cranial nerves through two mnemonics.

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Easy ways to remember the cranial nerves Cranial nerves, Pneumonics and nuclei

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Cranial nerve tricks to remember | List of cranial nerves made easy

Cranial nerve tricks to remember | List of cranial nerves made easy - This lecture explains easy cranial nerve mnemonics. There will be tips and tricks that will help you to memorize list if all cranial nerves in human. Thote only you will know the name of those cranial nerves but you will also be able to know cranial nerve number and sequence.
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Thank you for watching the mnemonics video lecture on how to memorize cranial nerve name and number easily.

CRANIAL NERVES made easy!!

Easy way to remember the 12 pairs of cranial nerves. This video is an overview of the function of the following cranial nerves:
1. Olfactory
2. Optic
3. Oculomotor
4. Trochlear
5. Trigeminal
6. Abducens
7. Facial
8. Vestibulocochlear
9. Glossopharyngeal
10. Vagus
11. Accessory
12. Hypoglossal

Enjoy ^_^

Cranial Nerve Components Mnemonic - Master Them in Under 2 Minutes

Super helpful mnemonic a friend of mine in medical school taught me. Hope it helps!

Cranial Nerves - Part 1- Learning the Names

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There is always 1-2 question on Cranial Nerves in almost all nursing exams. It has been frequently seen that students get confused even in the names and number of the cranial nerves. This is the first video in cranial nerves series which is aimed only on learning the names of these nerves in such a way that no one will get confused. In next videos we'll tell you more points about these nerves that are important from examination point of view.

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Cranial nerves with tricks

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Trick to cranial nerves

Cranial nerves memorise in 3minutes/easiest trick ever/

This video deals with memorising of cranial nerves in just 3 minutes.... I believe you all find it usefull one...!!!!

Anatomy - Cranial Nerves Overview

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Cranial Nerves in 2 minutes || Mnemonics/Tricks


cranial nerves with trick

cranial nerve name and origin




Mnemonics to memorize the 12 cranial Nerves in the Human body.

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Nervous system trick trick 2 cranial nerves in hindi

Nervous system trick

Trick for Cranial Nerves.

Memorise cranial nerves with an easy NCERT specific mnemonic. This trick will help you in pre-med boards as well as NEET and other medical entrances.

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